Orcas Hunt Off The Big Sur Coast
Posted 2/17/2013

Warning - if you don't like the sight of blood, hit your browser's back button right now!

I typically only post photos that meet my standards for a quality image - sharp, in focus, correctly exposed etc. Occasionally though, the events captured merit posting photos that don't live up to those standards.

The burst of three photos below fall into that category. A pod of orcas were hunting sea lions off the coast of Big Sur on 2/16/2013. They were a bit too far off shore to get good photos, but I took photos regardless, and managed to capture this sequence of shots as an orca successfully strikes a sea lion. All three images were captured within 1 second of time.

These images are 100% crops of the original images as the orcas were too far away to get them any bigger in my frame with the 400mm lens I was shooting with.

Hopefully you'll agree with me that the event captured outweighs the poor quality of the images.

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